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Welcome to myCgiScripts website!

Our firm specializes in software solutions which can help your site grow (from cgi email form script to perl cgi scripting & programming) and prosper. We currently offer solutions for website tracking, web promotion, e-commerce and php scripts for website which allow you to add dynamic content.
We are always developing new scripts and provide up to date support.
List of our cgi scripts you can find here.

Our latest clients at 2012: Heavy customization of Stop smoking encyclopedia website, this quit smoking site was totally rebuilded to save all previous urls and previous cms logic of work. DLE -> own cms migration work, see that smoking cessation site now it looks same as before but have a lot of new features added.

LinksPPR plugin for Links SQL is ready!

Convert your directory to PPR (bid on category positions) and PPC (bid on search keywords) site!

Script features : Allow you to earn money selling PPR/PPC top category positions, bidding on search keywords, links business reviews. Complete control area for link submitters and advertisers, keyword suggestion tools, minimum bid support (can be different for each category and for search bids), paypal & 2checkout payment processors instant processing. Easy to use admin features - keywords review, business links review, ppr reports. Support bids on category positions at dynamic and in static (html) mode! Allow you to have Priority links in your directory (after PPR/before Free links) and more...

More information you can find here

New! Our full-featured dating & photo rating script is realized! Limited num of copies will be selled. Check script demo here and contact us if interested.
Tested on 100K of daily uniques (tgp traffic) - (more than 1 000 000 script queries per day) and working stable. Mod_Perl (Apache::Registry) and persistent mysql connection compilant!
Completely html templates driven , support photorating, video/voice uploading & webcams. Have support of merchant account gateway (like
Images is resizzen in realtime to generate thumbs and optimal size of uploaded pics.
Instant messages system with support of uploading/etc.
5 types of items to purchase for members. Contact us if interested in purchasing.

New! Check our new Free Hoster script!
This complex script is allow you to create your own free hosting.
It support subdomains/custom domain names, ADS supported and AD-free accounts, files uploading via FTP and many more.

New! Pay-site owners - add daily updated fresh pictures from UseNet.
Our usenet fetcher script will be daily retrieve new pictures from selected useNet groups and generate thumbs and preview pages. Check it here.
Extend your members area now!

New! Yahoo & Dmoz expired domains monitoring service is started! Don't miss your chance to register domain already listed on Yahoo and/or Dmoz!

Our Services
We offer solutions for managing your site from ranking and tracking systems, e-commerce systems (shopping carts, food databases and more), to software for website promotion and announcement, and many others. All the work that you do manually can now be done automatically with special scripts. Our scripts work on Unix and Windows NT platforms.
We can create any custom cgi for your website, or install the cgi scripts for you if you like. We launched cgi scripts directory with more than 15000 of php, c, ajax, javascript and perl scripts - and we can install any from that software/script for you.
Also we offering web hosting services, which allow you and your visitors to have fastest access to your website. We using mod_Gzip in all servers.

Why do I need CGI?
If you are a webmaster and have not heard of or used CGI, you are probably not getting the most out of your website. CGI allows you to add dynamic content to your website, and, in many cases, the script will do things for you that you used to do by hand. This means that you can attract more visitors to your site because you offer features which can't be found elsewhere, and it will free up your time to work on other important items for your site.