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Customers control panel (Custom start pages)

This script allows you to easily create special password protected areas on your site with personalized dynamic pages and affords you the ability to effortlessly limit a user's access to some files/areas.

It can be used for custom start pages, customers control panels and much more.

Windows NT / Unix

Example usage:

You have a list of software/documents which you want to sell. Part of it is free, but part is commercial. With this script you can easily create personalized customers section, where customers will be have access only to free and purchased software/documents. This script also has an integrated reg. numbers system (which can be disabled at your discretion).
The script is very versatile and can be set-up so that ONLY the admin can create new accounts or you could empower your users with this function. In this case the script will validate a user email (send him validation string), and after this create a new account with "DEFAULT" files (which are free on your site). This function, as with all others can easily be enabled or disabled via the robust configuration panel.

Or how about making personalized start pages for your site visitors? He/she can easily signup and surf your site with personal links, etc. Also, for an additional fee we can split all your password databases (all scripts) or/and setup an instant payment system.

Script features

  • HTML Templates based customers control area
  • Unlimited number of custom html templates
  • Ability to create new accounts only by admin or allow to do it users.
  • Ability to validate user emails before account creation
  • Support of "Default files/URLs" for new account (admin can override it).
  • Admin can easy create personal message for every customer (customer will be see it after login)
  • LostPassword feature for users
  • Ability to edit details for every user
  • Ability to log all user operations (logins, modifications, etc)
  • Ability to have personalized custom templates (additional, which not included with script)
  • Ability to validate address info (can be disabled)
  • smtp / sendmail support.
  • Admin features
  • Easy admin control panel
  • Ability to admin easy search/browse users accounts
  • Ability to browse accounts by enabled file (you can easy see who purchased file for example)
  • Ability to check user access log, login as user, modify/delete account, modify personal message, change list of enabled file (reg. numbers) for every user
  • Add/edit/delete list of available files.
  • Ability to add file to all accounts (one click)
  • Ability to add file to all accounts with file (admin simply select it)
  • Ability to mailing all users or by enabled file for account (It allow you to very easy notify users about new versions, changes, bugs, etc) with personalization of every sended email.
  • Ability to create list of "Default" files. This files will be automatically added after new account creation.
  • Script can work with registration numbers.
  • Ability to do backup with profiles info
  • and many more...

The customer area of our website is driven by this script. After purchasing the script you will be have access to this area for all script updates.

Script demo:

Demo script now configured to allow new signups. Some features are disabled for this online demo.

Admin area :  (login/pass : demo/demo) , Customer Area (try to create account)

Script cost:

Script cost $100 and you can Purchase from 2Checkout . It includes 30 days of support and one year of updates.

MySQL version is comming soon. Upgrades from flattext version to MySQL version will be made available with this.

You can purchase installation of this script ($50 for Unix, $80 for NT).

Current script customers, please login here., Inc. is an authorized retailer of